Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Cute Cards from Thrift Store Books

Christie writes . . .

Everyone loves to get a cute, handmade card! The cards to the left are all cards that I created using white cardstock, scrapbook paper, and pictures taken from books I bought at my local thrift store.

Last year I read an article in my local newspaper about the book, A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed my Life. It inspired me to set my own card-writing goal for that year -- to write and send five notes every week for a year's total of 260 cards. I didn't quite make my goal, but I did send 201 handwritten notes in 2012.

I found that my favorite cards to send were the ones I'd created from cut-out photos I found in second-hand books. Best of all, the cards are quick and easy to make, don't cost a lot, and can make someone smile before they even read what you wrote inside.
                                                                               My very favorite second-hand books to use for making cards are photo gift books. Check out the photos to the left. They're all from a photo gift book I bought for less than a dollar and then cut apart. I especially like creating cards from gift books because they're small and have hilarious pictures in them.
Old yearbooks also can be used to make great cards. If the yearbook you'd like to use is precious to you, simply copy/scan the page that the photos you want to use are on -- no need to ruin a perfectly good yearbook. You can also opt to use yearbooks from anonymous strangers, like I do. The yearbook to the left is an old Utah State University Buzzer yearbook that I purchased at Deseret Industries. A clipping of the graduates in the caps and gowns would make a terrific graduation card!

Finally, when you're searching for used books to make greeting cards from, be on the lookout for books full of photographs. Old Guinness World Records books are particularly good, as they're full of strange and wonderful photos.

Please share your favorite sources for making fun greeting cards in the comments below.

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